Early Learners

Music and Guitar Program

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For Ages 3-6, this program offers an opportunity for younger children to experience the foundational skills of music and begin to engage with the guitar.


30 min. lessons $20 per lesson times the number of lessons in a semester. 
Those starting later in a session can pay a pro-rated tuition for the remaining lessons of the term.

Group meeting - The child may attend an additional group meeting that begins later in the semester after their first semester of private lessons. Tuition is $10 per class usually for ten weeks.

Structured movement activities that are fun yet designed to learn important skills are followed by a gradual introduction to the guitar. The musical movement activities introduce the music that students eventually will learn to play on the guitar.

This program prepares the student for our children's program (ages 7-9)

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If you have questions please contact us before enrolling at 574-255-9343 or contact us.